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Artist's Statement

I create work that simultaneously separates and joins viewers with the art and viewers with the world around them. I endeavor to question the concurrent creation and demolition of boundaries of interpersonal relationships in our modern age. I am inspired by the methods and results of interacting in, not only the real world but also the virtual world and how those two worlds might overlap with one-another or where they might repel one-another.


I am particularly interested in different concepts of physical touch and what they mean to society and culture today. As technology (the internet, email, broadcasting, etc…) grows it seems that our physical intercourse decreases. I want to explore the concepts of the potential ramifications (good and bad) of this new world.


In our increasingly digital world we are often ‘looking through’ when interacting with people and our physical surroundings. As such, our online interactions are increasingly attempting to mimic our ‘real world’ physical interactions. We believe we are transmitting a true and transparent representation of ourselves while leaving out elements of who we are, whether significant or not. As our world can only be made up of the context of our own lives, parts of ourselves we deem as mundane can become invisible and fade from our visual memory.

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