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My typical art practice is centered on methodical conceptualization on specific topics that I care deeply about. Due to the exhaustive nature of that practice I occasionally need to abandon the intense mental load that I put into every decision required to develop those works. These abstract works are an escape from that intensity; they are created with a willful lack of adherence to pre-meditation. Colors, forms, sizes, techniques are used based on ingrained formal experience rather than specific connotations. In a way these works intentionally serve as a rest and to bring peace to an overactive mind and world that wants to constantly categorize and analyze. This work is created to evoke a space to simply be and for that to be felt in a visceral way for creator and viewer alike, they are not meant to be more, and that is exactly right.

I do not keep these paintings for myself and most are sold by commission or soon after I’ve made them. If you are interested on whether a particular painting is still available or would like to commission an original work for yourself please reach out on my Contact page for details.

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